China Doll A Neuropera In Four Seasons

Shortlisted for the prestigious Les Enfant Terrible Award in 2015, Bad Habit Theatre’s contemporary operetta toured nationwide and was performed at the Pleasance Dome for the full duration of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that year.

The seasons are turning and winter is closing in on a small eastern European village.

Nina is alone, childless and barren, with no one to warm her through the winter's night. But when she meets Vincent, she makes a devious choice which will change their world.

'If your lover birthed a China Doll, would you believe it to be real?'

Bad Habit Theatre invite you to re-evaluate your preconceptions of opera and join them as we explore the loves and lives of a small community many years ago.

'. . . a rare breed of opera . . . with plenty of heart . . . '

Nouse ☆☆☆☆

' . . . a beautiful and vibrant work of art . . . The two village women and their husbands handle their scenes with solid comic skill.''

Musical Theatre Review ☆☆☆☆

'Heart stirring'

LDN Card ☆☆☆☆

Director: Bryony Maguire

Story: Bryony Maguire & Ro Robertson

Lyrics and Composition: Ro Robertson

Additional Devising by the Company