In West Dorset hospital born, then raised -

On the stage where I spent most of my days,

Performing in costume (rather uncool)

Overlooking parts like Shakespearean Fools -

When the acting bug bit me - it was up to no good!

So I pursued Drama studies and went westward

I packed my bags ready, not entirely prepared

You’re moving to Wales, full of sheep and cold air!

I studied & partied – then grad-week came near

Faced reality long 'n' hard in the mirror

What to do now - pursue acting and share

'Head home back to Dorset - return to the lair’

I pulled a couple of pints, thousand seven or eight

And I yelled to myself – hospitality – smell you later!

Understood my life’s dream I was finally there

In the industry under the follow-spots' glare!