The Bish Bash Bosh

'The Bish Bosh Bash!' is a high energy, fun, silly and action
packed comedy show performed by a troupe of Actors, comprised of two teams, which go head to head challenging each other in a series of improvised games, songs and scenes, inspired by Australia's 'The Big Hoo Haa', Theatresports (TM), Whose Line is it Anyway? and Shooting Stars. The second half involves a cliffhanger style narrative format with scene-work and storytelling.

Photo by Lee Pullen:

The Delight Collective is a resident theatre company of The Bristol Improv Theatre led by Imogen Palmer (Artistic Director). Theatre projects include ‘Friends Like These’ (improvised stories of friendship), Would You Mind? (scripted, queer comedy horror play set in Melbourne), IMOGENÉ (improvised pop diva clown show) and (of course) The Bish Bosh Bash!

Improvised by the Ensemble

Direction by Imogen Palmer