Company of International Artists

The Company of International Artists is a highly secretive organisation of Agents all over the globe.

Their mission is simple: find hidden messages in art, transmit the messages in encrypted forms to other agents around the world, and make more hidden message art.

Agents Kahlo and Dali's pop-up CIA office is complete with phones, maps, art books and much more besides. A rare blend of art history, geography and hands-on creativity, the Company of International Artists is a part-scripted, part-improvised theatre installation guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired. 

Photo by Studio Duo:

The CIA is developed from a remote lockdown project delivered between April and October 2020, working in partnership with two local primary schools Merchants' Academy and Fouracres Academy in Withywood to support 64 children aged 8-12 who were in receipt of free school meals to enjoy being creative at home.

A range of themed creative activities were designed and presented as Creative Missions. These included opportunities to make visual art, music and creative writing at home. The kit boxes delivered, provided the children with all the materials they neede to complete the missions, and the missions did not require access to the internet.

Each mission was accompanied with a short film to introduce each mission. Children without digital access at home were able to watch these films at school before starting their missions.

This project was then adatped into a theatre installation which will continue to touring to festivals, events and other commmunity settings in the future.

Additionally the Company of International Artists became a playable art heist theatre show in a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style entitled 'CIA: The Munch Mission'. This devised family theatre show invites the audience to chase leads, decipher clues and interrogate suspects to retrieve stolen artwork 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch alongside Agents Dali & Kahlo. 

Kindly funded by Quartet Community Foundation and Arts Council England.