'The Polar Express' Train Ride™

'The Polar Express' Train Ride™

Between 2016-2019, Paul worked alongside Josh Castree and Jenny Nunn (Rail Events™ Representative for UK, Ireland and Scandinavia) overseeing the licensing of The Polar Express™ Train Ride live event throughout the country.

Paul was first involved with the event for The Dartmoor Railway (Okehampton) as Actor for their 2014 season. Following this, he helped coordinate the performing aspect of the same event at Seaton Tramway in 2015. Paul returned to Seaton Tramway in 2016 to fulfil duties as Performer, Rehearsal Coordinator and Performance Supervisor - as well as event advising and co-Directing the Telford launch of this event in Shropshire of that same year.

In 2017 Paul completed duties as Casting/Rehearsal Director for the Mid Norfolk Railway as part of their debut year with The Polar Express™. He returned once more to Seaton Tramway for Christmas 2019, completing his fifth and final season as Actor at the tramway. 

Photo by Ben Kapur:


Award: Best Polar Express™ Live Event (Worldwide) - Seaton Tramway, 2016